Eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungi eliminated in less than 10 minutes without the use of chemicals and without having to ventilate the rooms, a huge saving of time and economic resources.


What are the characteristics that differentiate it?

SaniTOTEM is equipped with four powerful UVC lamps, i.e. lamps that emit ultraviolet rays of category C (called UV-C for this) also present in sunlight. When UV-C ultraviolet rays, irradiating the surfaces, strike microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria or fungi, they are able to trigger mutations in their molecular characteristics, in particular on DNA and RNA, thus killing pathogens or rendering them substantially harmless. Thanks, therefore, to the presence of these lamps, the appliance sanitizes and disinfects the environment.

Furthermore, SaniTOTEM is a very easy sanitization tool as it is equipped with wheels and can therefore be easily moved within an environment or from one room to another.

SaniTOTEM must be switched on in the absence of personnel, for example during breaks, the latter must not come into contact with ultraviolet rays. To avoid this, in fact, SaniTOTEM is equipped with sensors that switch off the device when a person enters the place to be sanitized, making the device totally safe and effective. In a few minutes of operation it will make the environment sterilized and healthy, ready to be lived in safety.


SANITOTEM can also be managed remotely, thanks to the set of hardware and software technologies dedicated to Autechno production and development.

SaniTOTEM is equipped with a touch screen used for logical management and local interface with the operator and a mobile APP and Cloud platform for remote connection to individual devices.

Through SANICLOUD it will therefore be possible:

  • Historicize the Log of all the sanitizations made, recording:
    • Operator who carried out the sanitization
    • Departure date and time
    • End date and time
    • Presence of any anomalies
  • Access the sanitation system remotely via APP by interacting with the device as if I were at the sanitation site (start-stop sanitation, alarm messages, etc.).



Sanitotem is a product 100% MADE IN ITALY

Do you know the advantages of UVC sanitation?


UVC is a chemical-free process and does not require the transport, storage or handling of chemical, toxic or corrosive substances: an advantage for the safety of personnel operating in the plants and for the surrounding community.

The UVC treatment does not create carcinogenic disinfection by-products that could adversely affect the quality of the environment. UVCs are highly effective in inactivating a wide range of microorganisms including chlorine-resistant pathogens such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. UV rays can be used to break down chemical and toxic contaminants together with a disinfectant action.


With UVC radiation devices, time is saved for the sanitization of environments and PPE, this is because, by using powerful lamps, it is possible to sanitize in a few minutes and use, immediately after sanitizing, the environment or the protective tools.

The totems can be moved quickly and easily through the wheeled or shoulder strap solution. In addition, through a color touch screen you have a comfortable and modern interface to manage the various operational functions.


Disinfection systems using UVC rays offer a great economic advantage, since the operating costs of maintenance of the system include the annual replacement of the lamps and the relative electrical consumption.

UVCs immediately eliminate and reduce health threats related to the use of chemicals by reducing the cost associated with their transport and handling. The costs related to administration, risk management, emergency planning and operator training costs are also minimized and / or eliminated with the use of UVC technology. With SaniTOTEM you can afford more expensive and qualitatively better DPI as at the end of daily use they will not be eliminated but, once sanitized, they can be reused.

SaniTOTEM can be used in any type of environment

  • Restaurants/bar 
  • Hotel
  • Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Waiting rooms
  • Nursing homes
  • Shopping centers
  • Supermarkets
  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • common areas
  • Open space areas
  • Medical offices
  • Cinema
  • Shops
  • Industries
  • Banks
  • Cafeterias
  • Etc..

Where does SaniTOTEM come from?

SaniTOTEM is an environmental sanitation product born from ALA SANITIZATION created by Autechno, a consolidated company that designs and manufactures automation, IT and industrial electrical systems solutions.

ALA embraces the vision of the owner Luca Chesini whose mission is a future in which technology and clean energy are at the service of man, everywhere.


Do you have some questions?

The SANITOTEM must be positioned as much as possible in the center of the room to be sanitized as it has a sanitation radius of 5m. This means that a 50sqm room is sanitized to 99% in about 8 minutes.

Absolutely not! UVC radiation is dangerous for living things. Therefore it should be used in the absence of man. However, the system prevents the sanctifier from being used in the presence of man, thanks to the presence sensors that capture his presence at 360 °.

It depends on the geometry of the area to be sanitized. The smaller it is, the less time it takes. However, a 2.7 m high 50sqm room is 99% sanitized in about 8 minutes.

UVC radiation is enough to sanitize the surfaces. If there are areas within the area to be sanitized that cannot be “illuminated” by UVC radiation, they are sanitized anyway (more time is needed) as the natural recirculation of air is sanitized by UVC radiation.

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